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What people are saying about Karin



"Karin Hosenfeld MS, RD, CSSD, LD has been the dietitian on staff at the Plano YMCA’s,

which includes the Legacy Park and Russell Creek facilities, since 2006.  Karin has worked

with our members that are in need of nutritional counseling, has been a part of several

Healthy Kids Day events and has spoken at our Training for the Turkey Trot program.

Karin is a gifted speaker and has a great knowledge for nutrition. Karin shows a high level

of professionalism and a strong compassion in all that she does for our YMCA’s.  She is

very well liked by our members and staff and we feel that Karin is part of our YMCA

family. We are fortunate to have Karin on the staff at our YMCA’s".


Alice Carpenter

Fitness Coordinator

Plano Family YMCA





"Karin Hosenfeld MS, RD, CSSD, LD has been associated with our practice since 2006

when we first began to refer patients to her for nutritional counseling. I have found Karin

to be very professional yet able to connect with the ages of patients referred to her and

have been very happy with her advice and methods of counseling. On top of her ability to

communicate her ideas to others, she is a joy to work with and always presents with a

happy, positive attitude. I have no hesitation in recommending Karin for any nutritional

needs you or your patients may have."


Allan R. deVilleneuve, M.D.





"Karin Hosenfeld MS, RD, CSSD, LD has worked with the patients of Pediatric Associates

of North Texas since 2006 offering excellent nutritional counseling.  Her nutritional

therapy strategies have improved the lives of many of our patients with varying needs,

including: weight management, diabetes, anemia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol

and food allergies.  We recommend our parents consult with Karin for professional

nutritional advice for their children."


Carolyn D. Ashworth, M.D.

Plano, Texas





“It is a pleasure to work with Karin Hosenfeld MS, RD, CSSD, LD. Ms. Hosenfeld’s

knowledge and presentation skills have made her a valuable spokesperson for the

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.”


Susan Levin, M.S., R.D.





“Karin is one of the most dynamic, energetic, results-oriented, and personable

professionals I've ever had the opportunity to work beside. She is the type of team

player that every organization desires, and the type of leader that others should model.

Karin brings energy and passion to every project  she works on. She is creative and

strategic in her approach to challenges and opportunities and continuously produces

positive outcomes. Karin is a strong leader who works hard to develop and mentor

others.  She is an excellent public speaker and very effective at educating others on

emerging nutrition issues. Karin is passionate about legislation and public policy and

handles herself with confidence and ease under pressure. I highly recommend Karin



Jennifer M. Cash MS, RD, LD

2009-2010 Texas Dietetic Association President





"Karin displayed a very high level of professionalism, and worked with USA Synchro on

very short notice.  No one would have known that the presentation was given only a few

days after being scheduled and organized.  I really appreciate Karin’s willingness to help

us out.  And the athletes that she presented to got a great deal of applicable information

to take back to their clubs.  For a lot of the athletes, this was the first time that they

have had an opportunity to speak with a registered dietitian and they were comfortable

with asking Karin questions and she was able to communicate the information in a way

that was easy for them to comprehend.  If I need a presenter for a nutrition topic, I

would not hesitate to contact Karin again".


Kevin Warner

Education Director

USA Synchro




"Karin's message to a room full of national, international, and Olympic level athletes [at

the USA Synchronized Swimming Conference] was direct and to the point. Her

presentation was filled with clear, useful information about nutrition and dietary choices

that will allow the athletes to achieve their goals in competitions as well as in the practice

sessions that lead to the achievement of those goals. The information was concise, up-to-

date, extremely practical and delivered with a directness that was true to the value of her

information. At the same time it honored the value of each individual in the room."


Elise Timmons Lawton, M.Ed., RD

Head Coach, West Houston Bluebonnettes




"After 18 months of seeing specialists and struggling with sustainable and healthy

strategies for maximizing the calories for my very active 18 month old, we finally

scheduled an appointment with Karin Hosenfeld MS, RD, CSSD, LD. Not only did she call

me back on New Year's Eve, she had fabulous ideas that recognized the developmental

stage of my daughter and had food strategies that worked with her independence. Since

we began seeing Karin, our daughter has consistently gained and kept on weight and we

are much less stressed as parents. I wish we had met with her months before we did and

would recommend nutrition counseling for an infant who isn't gaining weight in

conjunction with any recommended invasive tests and specialist visits. We plan to use her

services for a long time to help us make the best decisions for our daughter."


Claire A.

Dallas, Texas




"I have been acquainted with Karin Hosenfeld MS, RD, CSSD, LD for several years and

have referred many patients to her. Karin has made many fine contributions to our

practice such as awareness to National Nutrition Month and supplying handouts for

various dietary needs. She is quite knowledgeable and has a great relationship with the

patients and their parents. She takes pride in her work and has always demonstrated

diligence and is an asset in her field. I recommend her professional abilities without



Lori Seibert, M.D.





"About two years ago, my doctor recommended that I start seeing Karin for nutritional

counseling.  My blood work numbers were not where they needed to be.  From the first

visit she made me feel like we had known each other for years.  She has taught me so

much about living a healthy lifestyle and as a result my blood work numbers continue to

improve.  She has definitely been a huge part of my journey to a new and improved



Donna S,

Quinlan, Texas




"I have known Karin since 2006 when we first began to refer her patients to her for

nutritional counseling. I have found Karin to be very kind, caring, and dedicated to the

patients we have referred to her. Her work ethic is impeccable; she has proven to be

reliable. I have been impressed with Karin’s ability to relate to her patients and gently

guide them toward their goals. In return, her patients have always spoken very highly of

her. I have no hesitation in recommending Karin for all your nutritional needs."


Jason Moshier, M.D.




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